• Mary White

    Chef Chris is the best! It is so nice to come home to a fresh, delicious, homemade meal every evening after work. I also order breakfast and lunch meals as well. Being single I don't want to cook for just myself and therefore wasn't always eating healthy. With Chef KC I can now eat healthy, controlled portions and am enjoying the many varieties of foods he has to offer! I highly recommend to anyone looking for a personal chef!

  • Travis Thonen

    If I could leave more stars for Chef Kansas City I would. We are extremely happy with program.

    We have a family of 6 and my wife and I own three separate companies together. Needless to say we are busy and simply got tired of eating out. We tried numerous programs that brought food to the door that we needed to cook as well as many that provided pre cooked meals. All of them either had no flavor, took to long to make or simply were not good at all that we almost had lost faith. I meet Chris at a business meeting and decided to give it a try. Now after 6 months we have 5 meals a week as well as all of my lunches provided by Chris and his team. We have cut our costs eating out simply are living a more healthy life style because of Chris. My whole family (even the dog :) knows when it's time for Chris and his team to deliver our weekly meals.

    We could not ask for a better company. And trust me when I say that is coming from a business owner and that is hard to ask for. Keep up the GREAT work Chris.

  • Brian Mehrmann

    Chef Kansas City is a GREAT experience! For a special event I would choose having Chef KC (Chris Z) come to the house and cook a great dinner vs going to a restaurant. While the meal is being prepared it allows your guest to mingle vs sitting at a table. He is very flexible on the timing of when you eat. We had planned on eating at 7 but the guest were having fun with the experience and mingling with friends and we did not eat till after 8. This did not bother Chris at all and all the food still came out delicious. When they are done they clean the kitchen and leave it spotless. We will DEFINITELY use Chef KC (Chris) again!

  • Claire Bishop

    I have been using Chef KC since the new year started, as part of a personal resolution to have more healthy options in our family meal plan. I can't say enough great things about our experience. Delivery on Sunday mornings is always reliable and super convenient. Vegetarian options allow us to incorporate many plant-based meals into our regular diet. The variety and quality of meal options is outstanding! I would recommend Chef KC hands down-- in fact I do so to anyone who sees me with a delicious, healthy lunch at the office! My daughter also loves the breakfast options. All in all, this is a great service and great value for meal prep services in KC.

  • Zachary Nichols

    This service is great! Every week they deliver my order directly to my house. They make it super easy to eat healthy! I would recommend this to anyone looking at using a food preparation service.

  • Heather Dillon

    We've been using Chef Kansas City for over 6 months and enjoy it each week. It is an absolute treat to receive our meals each Sunday. Knowing I'm able to provide my family with a healthy, delicious sit down meal without spending hours in the kitchen has been life changing for us. Wonderful staff, prompt service, and yummy food. We can't say enough wonderful things about this company.

  • Jason Teasdale

    Chef Chris turned my home kitchen into one of the finest restaurants in town.

    I sent an inquiry about preparing a meal for my wife's birthday as a surprise. I was immediately greeted with an email back from them detailing their service and presenting me with two menus. ( One for Chicken, and one for steak) They worked with me down to the last detail until I was happy with all aspects of the menu. This included a full appetizer course, salad, entree with two sides, and desert.

    When Chef Chris showed up at my door he looked very professional and after introductions he quickly learned the layout of my kitchen. He got to work preparing and cooking or meal . He was very personable and engaging... he answered any questions about the food or the process or where he has cooked in his 15 years as a Chef.

    The bottom line... the food was phenomenal, the service very professional, and the experience was one I will not soon forget.

    I will definitely be calling them again to arrange for some in-home cooking lessons or a weekly meal prep!

    Call them, you wont be disappointed.

  • Our family had a fabulous experience this year working with Chris and his Chef Kansas City team on a weekend of Birthday events. We could not have been happier. We found Chris to be a super well organized, no nonsense caterer that we could trust to come through with great food, super good service and a friendly, helpful wait staff. He came recommended by friends who worked with her on their 50th Anniversary with great results. Chef Kansas City=no worries at an otherwise highly stressful time!!


  • Chris has been cooking for my family of 4 for almost 6 months. Food is amazing and his service is super convenient.


  • I used this for my finance' and I. It was fairly simple and Chris, like I had said to you, I really enjoyed you engaging the situation but allowing us to converse privately. We will see you on Valentines!


  • Awesome. What a pleasure to come home and all my weeks meals are prepared for me and in the fridge. Awesome job and food!


  • Chef Kansas City Catering did a wonderful job helping us plan and host a party (for 65) to celebrate the marriage of my brother. Chris and his team were professional and his advice was really helpful. The food was very tasty and beautifully presented while the staff were the perfect combination of polite and friendly. The entire event exceeded expectations. Chris and the team made everything so easy, and I can't thank them enough.


  • "Thank you again for the amazing array of foods this week! We've had the Tacos, which were perfect with the cabbage, salsa (AMAZING), guac all piled on. It's so nice having the fruit salad to grab for the kids and put over yogurt for myself, etc. I'm excited for the pasta tonight!"


  • We thought the volume of food was great, no issues there! We definitely ate it all. For instance we ended up one morning putting the enchiladas with fried eggs and that made a great breakfast with leftovers. Delish!


  • Hi Chris! Pizza was awesome! Would love to have again :)


  • Oh and these enchiladas are so excellent....full of flavor without the cheese is pretty amazing!


  • We have loved our food! It's been wonderful to have healthy, homemade meals in the fridge. We have liked them all.


  • Oh I've also loved that fruit salad with the mint, so nice to have it all together and ready to go!


  • The roasted chicken dish was definitely our favorite, the flavors, the gravy, the mashed potatoes. It was perfect. We couldn't stop raving.


  • We enjoyed everything last week and would be happy having it all again!


  • We've really been enjoying everything! Food that we would love to have again because it was awesome!- Stuffed portabella mushrooms with kale, shaved carrots, and cherry tom; chicken and cheese enchiladas with 3 cheese blend, green onions, and cilantro; baked tofu and chicken breast with asparagus, cherry tom, rosemary, and garlic oil; sausage with bell peppers, garlic, herbs, onions, and white rice; vegetable lasagna; basil pesto chicken with whole grain pasta, asparagus, and tomatoes


  • AMAZING portabella mushrooms, tofu and baked chicken!!!


  • The food was really good!! I think this is the perfect amount so we don't waste any.


  • FYI: We had the enchiladas yesterday and they were AWESOME!!!


  • Meals this week were perfect!!! We ate them ALL, even kids. That says a lot :).


  • I loved, loved. Did I say loved your meats! Especially the London Broil.


  • Soo enjoying your wonderful food! Superb job!


  • When I first heard that Chris Zembrzuski had moved to California to achieve his goal of becoming a personal chef, I had mixed feelings.  Of course firstly happiness, that someone I respect and admire had the guts and ambition to try something that some would consider too risky to attempt.  I strongly feel that people who are in business for themselves have a bravery and confidence that many if not most of us wish we had.  Secondly I felt a big pang of regret, that perhaps it may be much more difficult for me to have the opportunity to taste his creations with the ease that I’ve been afforded in the past.  Although I guess I’ll just have to make it to the west coast a bit more often now!  Thirdly and most importantly, pride.  Proud that someone I know and with whom I’ve worked along side of, took the chance to do what myself and anyone else who’s had the pleasure of tasting his dishes always thought he would excel at!

    I have 20 plus years in the Service and Hospitality industry, working all front of house positions in that time.  When I first met Chris I had just been promoted to my first position as General Manager of the restaurant that he had been appointed Executive Chef.  Not long out of culinary school but with experience under his belt and an unmistakable passion for food, the entire staff instantly recognized that we had someone with true talent in our midst.  In the years I had the pleasure of working with him he taught me along with the servers and crew working for him, that pride in every dish and knowledge of it’s preparation is of utmost importance in maintaining and building a successful restaurant.  The staff noticed, the owners noticed and most importantly our guests noticed!  This was a well-established Italian restaurant that over the years had seen a decline in customers as well as sales, due to the fact that the recipes and presentation had become stagnant and sometimes mediocre.  Chris changed that!  He showed all of us how amazing even the simplest of dishes could be brought “back to life” just by treating every entree and every guest with the respect they deserve.  If there was a question he didn’t know the answer to he would research it until he did. If someone desired something that he hadn’t tried before he would dive into the challenge and always come back with something truly delicious and unique.  Everyone knew that it wouldn’t leave the kitchen until it was done right!  He even took it upon himself to help in a pinch at my wedding when we requested something in particular that the caterer couldn’t provide for us.  He did it without being asked and he did it perfectly, at least I believe perfectly, his dish went so fast it was a bit of a blur!

    I’m just hoping by then Chris will still have the availability to make us a dish from time to time.  Although if he keeps up to his current pace, I doubt it.  I would say I wish Chris the best of luck in all his endeavors, but in his case, luck isn’t needed. Cheers! - Matt Wyatt

  • You’re a great Chef! Love everything I see, brings back some memories - Gail Ballew


  • Chris is one of the few people i can rely on. Chris is also one of the few chefs that I have met that treats every cooking or dining experience with the significance that cooking and dining actually carry. There hasn’t been one meal that i have cooked or eaten with him that didn’t encourage and sustain an atmosphere that promoted either moments of peace, thankfulness, reflection, excitement or simply ” wow “. Chris recognizes the simple fact that without food life wouldn’t be happening and without great food for our senses to recognize and pair with our memories life wouldn’t be nearly as exciting.


    Thank you for everything Chris, nothing but love

    Bob H Abernathy III